Jewelry Restoration and Restyling


Amost people when they release a jewel, they can not stop looking at it at every moment, either in the case in which it is presented or in front of the mirror combining it with a possible outfit for your special evening or in your daily routine. Having acquired this jewel, each person in our environment will let the wearer know with a look of complicity, who has succeeded in wearing it. Unfortunately, as the days / months go by, we become so comfortable with it that we forget that we wear it and it is part of our body, and therefore the jewel in question (especially the rings) may suffer from wear and tear or imperfection, such as now scratches, scratches, bumps, dust / dirt, etc.


What most accuses these conditions is white gold, since by itself, it is not pure white itself, it is rather a yellowish color (due to the alloy with palladium). This is subjected to a final chemical treatment that gives it this pure white color called rhodium. In the case of yellow gold, you do not need it because the color resulting from the alloy is already the same color as pink gold, as the color is the result of the alloy with copper. When jewelry is worn with stones (diamonds, emeralds, rubies, etc.) with the blows that jewelry receives on a daily basis, they can cause the metal that holds or binds them to misalign and they can move dangerously and even all fall.


Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, etc. They do not need as much maintenance or restoration, it depends on the use that has been given to it, but it is also advisable to check locks, insurances, pushbuttons ... Jewelry restoration is the solution to all these problems either: polishing, tinting, rhodium plating, etc. They are the bases of all restoration, as well as a set-up of the enfilades, that would agree to readjust and / or nail the stones in the case of the technique of the embedded. Finally, if the piece needs it, or if the customer requests it, the relevant rhodium treatment is applied so that the jewel (if it is white gold) has a mirror shine like the first day.

Who has not heard of the expression "a diamond is forever" or "his is the pleasure of guarding until the next generation" These phrases seem like a cliché until, at certain moments, we suffered the much feared expression "this old- fashioned" In the case of jewelry, unfortunately, it also happens that due to the passage of time, the taste of consumers, new materials, etc. Our jewelry is obsolete as far as design or trend is concerned. It is clear that if the materials are noble and durable (which they are) we will have to decide what to do .... We have several options:

  • We patiently keep in a safe place that jewel that we will no longer use for a while (indefinite, as we do not know when it was booming again, because EVERYTHING IS BACK or we call it VINTAGE) (there is also the sentimental value of preserving a piece inherited from a relative who is no longer there, or we have been given a gift to childhood and we want our descendants to wear it.)
  • We decided to do a restiling with that gem.

What is a restyling?

It’s just upgrading a gem to the fashion standards of the moment. There are several ways to fit it, such as if we have a yellow gold diamond ring, you can change the same diamonds to a white gold frame and a more current setting ... Let's also give another example: if a slope has been lost, with what is left, it can be adapted to make a pendant. Remember, "matter is neither created nor destroyed, It is only transformed." If you have several things that you no longer use, or have received an inheritance ... Check with your trusted jeweler to advise you on the best for each case ... In our experience, we do not advise any of our clients to do so unless they are very convinced, as today, in terms of fashion, yellow gold and white gold coexist quite well, as the jewelry that has diamonds embedded, it is better to have them in white gold, as this current mirrors the diamond and gives it much more light and brilliance. And pieces that are yellow gold are also trending, but in this case without any stone. As they complement well with a total "Gold look."