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  • LOTUS 18854
    LOTUS 18854

    Men's watch with steel case and strap. It is a contemporary classic...

    119,00 €
  • LOTUS 18839
    LOTUS 18839

    Women's watch with steel case and chain. Dial with matching hour markers

    139,00 €
  • Snake PUL2239 Uno de 50
    Snake PUL2239 Uno de 50

    Bracelet formed by a strip of small carreras and eight boxes with gray...

    149,00 €

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  • LOTUS 18407 - Lotus watches -  - Jewelry and watches Riera in Vallès, Barcelona
    LOTUS 18407

    Watch Revival series, inspired by the...

    76,30 € 109,00 €

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Nowley Women's Watch with strap to match the dial.

27,30 € 39,00 €

Nowley Women's Watch with metal bracelet and folding clasp.

35,94 € 59,90 €

Elegant and sophisticated model with integrated box and black PVD chain. Plated bezel with pink gold indexes like the sphere in black color. folding clasp.

39,54 € 65,90 €

Nowley Rolex watch style with blue dial.

39,92 € 49,90 €

The earrings are a basic complement that you can not miss, either in gold or silver these earrings are your best combination.

41,30 € 59,00 €

This small watch that combines with the nyllon with matching color spheres will bring a touch of color and fun to all the outfits of your children.

44,25 € 59,00 €

Silver chain and pendant with natural stones of the Sunfield brand.

55,00 € 75,00 €

This pair of gold-plated earrings radiate warm honey tones. Bold and beautiful, the Golden Shadow crystal bezel-set conjures a sense of charm and brilliance around. Give life to the classic elegance with a golden glow that never gets old!

59,00 € 79,00 €

Silver necklace that combines silver balls in different finishes of textures and / or plated with a central silver motif. It has zirconitas set to give a touch more trendy. The base of the necklace is a black silk thread matching the collar and also silver clasps.

64,35 € 99,00 €

Timeless, organic and feminine. Half of this ring with rose gold bath is decorated with clear crystal pavé, which will provide the right amount of brightness for the day.

79,00 € 99,00 €

This new 'vintage' collection pays tribute to that timeless aesthetic of New York with a 26 mm case, the smallest Rosefield watch to date

89,00 € 99,00 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 36 items