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There are different types of metals but mainly in gold and silver, but we also have other alternatives such as steel, titanium and even in platinum (on request).

You can also find them with various types of gemstones set: Diamonds, emeralds, rubies, zircons, etc. Also with enamels of different shades and colors.


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This pendant solitaire chaton transparent glass has a rhodium-plated attachment that reveals three beautiful crystals set elegantly. Blinks and twinkles beautifully in rhodium-plated chain that comes with it. This pendant comes on a chain.

79,00 €

Inspired by early spring flowers, this beautiful necklace is easy to combine with other jewelry thanks to its soft hue and delicate size. It shines in pink crystal and comes on a rhodium-plated chain.

79,00 €
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The set includes a round Attract pendant with rhodium plated chain and a pair of earrings. Each piece includes a circular which gives it a radiant glow and timeless one chaton.

99,00 €
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Silver necklace that combines silver balls in different finishes of textures and / or plated with a central silver motif. It has zirconitas set to give a touch more trendy. The base of the necklace is a black silk thread matching the collar and also silver clasps.

64,35 € 99,00 €

This imposing section incorporates a mixture of metallic baths, crystals in fresh tones and a symbol. It can be worn as a bracelet, or incorporated into other sections to create a new silhouette, be it a lap bracelet, a choker, an integral necklace or a long necklace.

69,00 €

Composed of two triangles and a square, the rhodium-plated design is the definitive accessory to incorporate a touch of subtle shine. It can show off in superposition with other styles to achieve a personalized look.

79,00 €

Silver chain and pendant with natural stones of the Sunfield brand.

55,00 € 75,00 €

Necklace In my Mind COL1279MCLMTL0U of the brand Uno de 50, is a necklace with Silver bath combined with leather and crystals.

189,00 €
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Classic swarovski pendant that has stone finishes in different sizes .....

95,00 €
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Classic swarovski pendant that has stone finishes in different colors .....

85,00 €

Narrate your own style story with the Remix Charms.

29,00 €

Narrate your own style story with the Remix Alphabet Charms.

29,00 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 117 items