About us

Riera jewelry is a company dedicated to the sale of jewelry and watches which was created in 1971 by Pere Riera after a few years of learning the trade, he decided to undertake a business venture with his wife who am today, still ahead result of a great effort and perseverance.

Over the years, everything was changing .... Grow and increase exposure meters is one of the first steps, but this would not be possible without the incorporation and dedication of the second generation.

The next step we undertook children, (previously trained in studies in the field ... Both of gemology and watchmaking) was the incorporation of new technologies and machinery.

Computer Design 3D is one of the last things accomplished, constantly are also conducted new training courses in the field of watchmaking to keep abreast of new technologies that appear in this changing world .. ...

For now, we can say that we are a leader in the sector, because we combine the "know-how" old school with new trends High Tech.