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When we talk about revisions of our watches, we know that it is a responsibility task, that it is not easy and that it has to be done in stores or workshops that have years of experience, watchmaking tradition, trust, etc.

Well, in the case of the watches of the Touch family of Tissot, things change. To begin with, these watches are the most advanced machines in the watchmaking world, fusing the old school with the most advanced technology based on smartphones, since they have tactile functions in a crystal that is already sapphire unchangeable.

For such revisions, what is learned in traditional mechanisms does not count, since it is very technological. It requires a special course in the central facilities of Tissot in Madrid, as well as specific tools that only the authorized dealers who have done this course have them.

Among other works, in the revision we must also do these more technical:

  • Verification of the touch glass
  • Verification of the sensors: height, pressure, depth
  • Calibration of the compass
  • Programming parameters (so that all calculations and functions are correct and accurate.

So, it is not a topic to be taken lightly. because our "small computer" depends on how we take care of it and where to perform the maintenance