Services Joieria Riera

Repair of Wall Clocks

This service, unfortunately, is increasingly disused, since what we are dealing with here are clocks that have often been abandoned in houses or in a corner, until someone has rescued them with the intention of getting them back on track, and Many times the clocks widely exceed 60 years old, reaching 100 years.

In the "thick" watchmaking that they call it, the repair consists of several parts, on the one hand, we have the mechanism of the clock itself that we have to review, oil and change some elements, which as we discussed earlier, it is increasingly difficult to find spare parts for these, and may even have to manufacture a piece manually.

We also do not find that part of the work consists in the repair or restoration of the furniture, hinges or metal components that must be polished-restored.

The most common in a repair is to make the chains or golden weights, look again like the first day .... Thing that impacts a lot in the final result, since the client thanks ...

Another thing is a restoration of the furniture, but this is not so common, although it can be done by experts in old furniture previously agreeing price-work.

If the watch is very bulky, we also offer the service of picking it up and when it is finished, putting it on at the customer's house.

All reviews are guaranteed for 6 months.

In the case that these watches have a quartz machine or batteries, repairs are also made, as this is more common lately, since these types of movements are currently used more since they are cheaper ... but not as durable as the mechanics.