Services Joieria Riera

Appraisal and Valuation of jewels

We perform the appraisal and / or valuation of your jewelry

Several situations are possible, from management of inheritances between several people (equitable distribution depending on the value of the jewelry and / or the age of the same), to information to quantify the value of these in order to hire additional insurance to cover said jewelry.

Unfortunately we find people who tell us that they have suffered a theft and do not have any document that proves anything of the stolen jewelry in which most lack purchase tickets, as they are greater than 5 years or more.

With this document, they could justify the subtracted genre, since in the valuations / appraisals we specify in detail the details of each piece, whether by description, weight, recordings, etc ...

Many times when we talk to the police, they tell us that a detailed description and / or a recording on the piece is enough to locate a jewel or stolen watch that has subsequently been recovered in some anti-drug operation etc.

That is why it is so important to have this document or similar ... and make the appropriate report to the police to clarify this.

This service may take a few days depending on the amount of watch jewelery to be valued, as the pieces are examined thoroughly.